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Ethnografica is an independently-owned cultural resource management (CRM) consultancy based in the Antelope Valley (Lancaster/Palmdale, CA). We specialize in small to medium acreage Phase I/Class III and Phase II cultural resources surveys, archaeological inventories, constraint-level studies, construction monitoring, and resource management planning and coordination:

• Expedited Project and Report Completion
• Highly Competitive Bids
• Guaranteed CEQA/OHP Compliant Reports
• On-Line Project Tracking & Electronic Report Filing

Our unique combination of competitive bids, rapid execution, and timely reporting allows Ethnografica to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for all your permitting needs.

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Ethnografica Consulting specializes in the initial stages (Phase I/Phase II) of the cultural resource management process. We believe that timely and well-planned consulting in the early phases of a project can avoid costly and time-consuming mitigation efforts later in the compliance process.

We are pleased to offer our clients:

• Constraints-Level Studies
• Phase I/Class III Cultural Resources Surveys
• Phase II Significance Evaluation
• Construction Site Monitoring
• Mitigation Consulting and Planning
• Independent Project & Management Recommendation Review

Ethnografica Consulting is committed to the responsible management of resources associated with our cultural heritage. We provide expert services in support of client compliance with statutes such as the Archeological Resources Protection Act (ARPA), the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA), and the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA).

Our cultural resources surveys follow appropriate state and federal guidelines and meet the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Identification and Evaluation of archaeological and historic resources.

Pricing & Project Costs

Due to our small size and low overhead, Ethnografica Consulting is able to provide you with highly competitive project bids.

Actual pricing is dependent on the size and scope of project:

Constraints-level studies and Phase I Inventories are the least expensive, involving archival research and pedestrian survey.

Phase II (significance testing) usually involves limited sub-surface testing, with somewhat higher associated project costs.

Phase III projects (full excavation and data recovery) involve significantly higher costs, as well as greater lengths of time in order to achieve compliance.

This is why Ethnografica emphasizes timely planning, strategic intervention, and sound advising in the early stages of a project. This can help to avoid the expense and permitting complications of Phase II or III investigations.

In every case, early planning and consultation ensure a smooth permitting process.

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Ethnografica is owned and managed by Kevin P. Groark, Ph.D. (UCLA, 2005). Kevin has held academic positions at USC, UCLA, and Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia), authoring 18+ peer-reviewed publications in leading anthropology journals and 45+ technical reports for CRM clients.

With more than a decade of experience in Southern California and Great Basin archaeology, Kevin is fully trained in archaeological survey, monitoring, excavation, and laboratory techniques and has specialized skills in lithic technology and human osteology.

His professional experience exceeds the Secretary of the Interior’s Professional Qualifications Standards in Archaeology, and he is qualified to serve as Principal Investigator/Project Director on BLM projects. (Download Resume)

Depending on project size and complexity, we may retain additional Archaeological Field Technicians and/or Consulting Historians. However, we only work with fully-trained, expert consultants to ensure top-notch quality, and all final reports are prepared by the Owner & Principal Investigator of Ethnografica Cultural Consulting, Kevin P. Groark


With more than 45 Phase I and II CRM projects under our belt, Ethnografica Consulting is committed to helping Southern California developers, and civil engineering firms satisfy permitting requirements while meeting business goals in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our comprehensive CEQA/OHP-compliant reports have a 100% acceptance rate by municipal agencies

We deliver actionable recommendations, helping you secure permits on tight timelines while minimizing impacts on significant cultural/historical resources.

• High repeat client rate owing to effective consultation, competitive bids, efficient project management, and a proven record of delivering on time and within budget.

More information on Kevin Groark—the Principal Investigator for Ethnografica Cultural Consulting—can be found on our "Personnel" page.

Contact Us

The easiest way to get in touch is by telephone or email. We can receive digital files in any format via email.

If you have a project that needs immediate attention, please call before faxing any documents.

If you are interested in soliciting a project proposal/bid, don't hesitate to contact us to discuss the details. We can usually provide you with a competitive project bid within 48 hours.

Client Portal

Ethnografica Consulting is pleased to announce a new system for online project tracking to provide the most responsive and innovative service possible.

Once we receive a notice to proceed, we will create a dedicated, password-protected Project Tracking Portal for your projects. From this page, you can monitor the status and results of:

• Comprehensive Records Searches

• Pedestrian Surveys and/or Significance Evaluations

• Report Preparation & Submission

Once completed, we'll archive your final report on our secure servers. That way, if you ever need another copy, it will be available to you or your partners at a moment's notice.

But don't worry—only you will have access to your project information and reports. Password-protected directories and documents guarantee total security and project confidentiality. (If you'd prefer to opt out of our free digital archiving, just let us know. You'll still have access to your full real-time project tracking portal...)

Click here to see a sample client project portal. This sample is NOT password protected, but your page will be.

If you have lost the link or username/password for your tracking page, please contact us.


Client: Pronghorn Developers

Project: Phase I Pedestrian Survey of Tentative Parcel #342561 (27 acre parcel on 25th East and Avenue I, Lancaster, CA)

Job #: 03045

Comprehensive Records Search: Completed—No prior surveys. No existing prehistoric archaeological or features recorded in APE. No existing historic archaeological sites or features recorded in APE. No registered buildings of historical importance recorded in APE.

Pedestrian Survey: Completed—No significant cultural resources identified in APE. Negative Declaration in process.

Final Report Preparation: Completed—Negative Declaration. [Download].

Report Submission: Paper copy sent to John Doe at Pronghorn Developers (1 October 2021).

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